Kampot Pepper in Karlsruhe

Kampot Pepper in Karlsruhe


What a lovely surprise to see my favourite pepper from my home country in the region I live in Germany.

In the picture below is Malte Pierau from Karlsruhe, Germany who is the founder of Tak Kampot Pfeffer. What a small world. I was so happy to know that Kampot pepper is now available in Karlsruhe. 

Why do I like pepper so much? I use pepper in many of my dishes such as on a beef steak, beef lock-lack (fried beef), salad dressing and a sauce to dip in with most fried or grilled meat. I mostly make pepper sauce with pepper and lime, and it is so simple to make. I believe you have most ingredients in your kitchen:

  • kampot pepper from any color, but my favourite is black and red because its stronger and spicier.
  • salt
  • lime juice 
  • sometimes I add garlic in as well

In the image below is my most favourite dish. It is fried crab with Kampot peppercorn. It is delicious, and for someone likes to use hands for eating like myself, this dish is the best. If you're in Kep or Kampot, ask for it.