Your smile can make someone's day a better day

Your smile can make someone's day a better day

Smile is contagious, and it is free. It has the most awesome effect, it goes a long way and is powerful enough to bring the best feeling to people and you.

An angry uncle

I work four days a week. Each day to get to work I have to take two trams and a bus, and each day I would meet different bus drivers. In this story, I mean specifically for the bus driver. To enter the bus passengers usually show ticket to the bus driver for the approval. I know it is not always the case, but it happens a lot of time that we show the ticket. I recognise all the drivers, I don't know their name, but I know their faces. Funny enough, today I noticed something that gets my attention and it has inspired me to write this story.

First please let me give him a name, so I don't address him as the bus driver. I want to call him uncle George because he looks like an uncle George to me :)

Uncle George is probably in his 60s, in my culture it means showing respect to call someone who is older than us uncle or aunty. I come from Cambodia, and in my country, we don't address people by their name when they are older. However, we would, for example, call him or her brother, sister, uncle or aunty before their name just like I call uncle George. 

Uncle George doesn’t look particularly happy, not only today but every other day I see him when he is on his driving schedule. However, also I think part of it is his facial expression. And with his job he doesn’t get to talk to people while working, no deep conversations no connection. 

Today after work I went to the bus stop near my office. And like I mentioned earlier, I show my ticket when entering the bus. Sadly I don’t think uncle George really care if I buy a ticket or not because every time I show him my ticket he doesn’t even look at it. Please let me pretend, deep down he cares, and he trusts all the passengers including me buy the ticket because we are in Germany, and the German follow their system.


A happy uncle

From seeing the title, you already know that this story has a happy ending and now it comes an exciting part.

In the next two stops, a pretty woman enters the bus. She is an Asian like me but her skin is light and she has cute pretty little eyes. I think she was Chinese. With the same procedure, she shows uncle George her ticket. Something special about her entry. She didn't just show him the ticket, but she offered him a friendly gesture that changes his moment completely, his facial expression changed. She smiled at him, along with a small conversation „Guten Tag“ (a German greeting like hello or good day). Uncle George was very please and nodded his head as a sign to her, please get in. She then walks in my direction. For no reason her smile also made me smile, but I didn’t let her see it though because I was shy. When she walks past me, I look up the rear-mirror. The woman smile was powerful, it was contagious myself, and uncle George was smiling, but it was different for uncle George because that was for him. He smiles back at her but continues to smile for another 45 second. From the look on his face, I know that the smile made his day a better day.

Everyone can share a small kindness gesture toward the other, and it can simply be a smile. It could cheer someone up during their tough time. 

I hope this would make you feel like smiling at someone and make their day and maybe even yours a better day. After all, it is free. I did it many times and always felt good about it.